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    Van Sales App

    Designed with best in class Mobile Technlogies and Android based that enables Van Sales, Pre Sales, and Delivery Processes, monitor your Sales Force and Monitor their Performance.

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    Visibility of information in Real Time

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    Inventory Control the whole time

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    Manage your Calls and Pending Deliveries

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    Key Process Indicators for Managerial Decisions

Use common Smartphone Devices or Handhelds

Android Based app that can be used in almost all type of devices.

Best Practices in Industry

Compliance with best practices in CPG industry for DSD, allowing to use them from day 1.

Low investment in Hardware or Infraestructure

Cloud based technology that saves you time and effort and no need to invest in Servers or specialized Hardware.

DSD Process Control

Covering day-to-day operation of Salesreps, starting by Product Replenishment, Calling, Order Taking, Returns, and Collecting, and closing day by settling route.

Optimizing and streamlining Route Sales Process

By leveraging in edge technology, you get rid of manual processes and rework, which reduces errors and facilitates information flow.

Sales Force Supervision in Real Time

Provides information for enabling Supervision process and effective Coaching.


Order Taking

Call Scheduling

Customer Management


Accounts Receivable


History Data

Inventory Control

Money/Cash Control


GPS Tracking

+ Solutions

Integra is an IT Company that helps Food & Beverage / CPG companies to improve performance with technology by focusing in Mobility, Front Office and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.

All your commercial data in one place
Sales Datamart
Trade Promotion Management
Route Optimizations and Delivery
Sales Force Automation, Wholesaling and Merchandising
Business Intelligence Platform

Frequent Asked Questions

  • Do I need to be online for working in app?
    No, DSD App only needs connectivity to internet for Sending / Receiving information (Sync) which could be by 4G/LTE or WIFI.
  • What do I do in case I lose a device of one my Salesreps?
    Access to app can be restricted remotely. Also local mobile database in encrypted and hidden in device so there is no risk in data. In case needed you can configure again another device which will get a copy of data that is being stored in the cloud.
  • Can I use handheld roughed devices?
    Yes, as long as they are Android 4.0+
  • Can I print sales Invoice?
    Yes, using any 2 inches compatible printers.
  • I already have an ERP/ POS System that I want to complement with Integra DSD. Is this possible?
    Yes, however these activities would need to be estimated as some development would have to be done.
  • How do you Support the app?
    Basic Support by chat and Email is included in monthly fee. It can be improved according to customer’s need.
  • Can I manage my Warehouse inventory with this Application ?
    No, this app focuses only in Mobile Users and the Inventory they are carrying.
  • Can I manage my Warehouse using DSD?
    No, DSD App is focused in processs of mobile users only.


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